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Let the music tell your story...


I am actively involved with both classical flute and piccolo performance. My church, funeral, and wedding service experience includes a variety of solo and mixed chamber performances. I am also available to collaborate in your orchestra, band, and other gigs.


I teach online and/or in-person flute and piccolo lessons to beginner through collegiate flutists. Students can expect to focus on fundamental exercises, music theory, historical background, and performing arts health to advance their playing ability on the flute.


“Olivia Jirousek is one of today’s best young flutists; she is delight to be around, exhibits impeccable poise, and plays with confidence, technical mastery, a wide palate of tonal colors, and effortless grace. An intelligent musician, she approaches her work and teaching with thoughtfulness, intentionality, generosity, and humility. Anyone would be lucky to work with her!!”

Dr. Virginia Broffitt Kunzer,

Principal Flute

Symphony of Northwest Arkansas

"Olivia is a great teacher. She really cares about her students and pushes us to do our best. She expects the best from us, but is patient when we struggle with something. She is very organized, friendly, and knows how to balance fun and hard work. With her help, my ensemble went to state, the flutes in my marching band excelled at our music, and I made all region concert band. I’ve had several private lessons teachers over the years, and I can confidently say that Olivia has been the best."

Jordan Pruitt,

High School Student

"I was worried about how online lessons would go. Before covid, all I ever had was in person lessons. Having lessons with Olivia changed that. We're able to have very constructive lessons every week and I feel like I'm getting better as a flute player. I've already gotten past my own expectations as a player in just a few months. She's always positive and has great advice on what to work on & how to go about it. I highly recommend anyone to take lessons with Olivia."

Brendan Hubenak,

College Student

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